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Below are pie charts of the Strategic Peoples and Languages of Cities in Alphabetical order. There are two focuses in these pie charts. !. Unreached people groups which means those who have less than 3% Christians amongst them. I have included both people groups and languages. 2. Strategic people to mobilize into the harvest field amongst whom are considerable Christians and are not from the western white world. If you want the raw data in an excel sheet for any city listed below write to Tim Svoboda. 

The regions below represent the old YWAM designated regions prior to 2014 when regions were changed to Area Circles. Data on YWAM was completed in December 2012 and is not being kept current beyond that date on this website.


There are 44,850 urban locations in the world. YWAM is in or near to (their mailing address or base name uses that city name) 881 of them.


There are 7 cities in the world with a population over 10 million and YWAM  is in 7 of them.There are 39 cities in the world between 4 million to 10 million people and YWAM is in 31 of them. There are 286 cities with a population of 1 million to 4 million people and YWAM is in 139 of them. There are 4356 cities with a population between 100,000 and 1,000,000 and YWAM is in 406 of them. There are 40,162 urban locations under 100,000 people and YWAM is in 297 of them. We are not using the Urban agglomerate figures. For instance Greater Chicago is 9.8 million people but Chicago proper is just 2.7 million people. We have used the smaller figures which allows other connected cities to appear in the data below. Should you have any questions on this data you can write to Tim Svoboda


New Zealand and Pacific Islands

North & East Asia

Middle East

Indochina & Philippines
Central Asia

Africa (North)

Europe (North)

Central America

Europe (Eastern) & Russia

Europe (Western)

Europe (Central)


North America

Southeast Asia & Australia

India (North)

India (West & Central)

India (East)

South Asia (North & East)

Indian Ocean

Africa (West)

South America (North)

South America


Africa (South)

Africa (South Central)

Africa (East)

Africa (Central)


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