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Qualifications of A City Coordinator

Qualities of a City Coordinator, Role of a City Coordinator


1. Must be inclusive of all other YWAM ministries, YWAM matrix ministries, and understand their role in reaching the various Arena's of Influence in the City.


2. The City Coordinator must be resident in the City.

3. Must have a passion and burden for the whole City and identify with the city and it's welfare.

4. Must have the capacity for large vision and the ability to work with a multiplicity and diversity of ministries throughout the city.

5. Is an ambassador and networks with other ministries in the City.

6. Has the ability to mobilize vision and initiate people towards new thrusts in the city.

7. Must be releasing, be visionary, able to encourage and help others develop and realize their vision.

8. Has a spiritual maturity that team leaders and leaders in the city will respect.

9. Has the ability to push operations and conflict resolution down to the team level so he/she can remain broad in their vision. Non-directive.

10. Has the heart of Reconciliation and seeks Unity in the Body of Christ.

11. Though the City Coordinator is a transnational appointment for all practical purposes he/she is a geographical leader while in the city. His/her authority is negotiated with other transnational ministry teams in the city and therefore it is essential that the City Coordinator leads by influence, vision, and relationship rather than direct authority and control.

Role of the City Coordinator:

1. Networking and Resourcing the ministries in the City.

2. Does not limit ministries of YWAM living in the city to only work or reach the city.

3. Broad pastoral oversight for team leaders.

4. Chairs the city council.

5. Arbitrator & mediator in conflict resolution and problem solving.

6. Fundraising.

7. They represent teams to the city and the Body of Christ.

8. Can handle emergencies.

9. Represents YWAM at major events in the city.

10. Teaching & preaching for both promotional purposes of YWAM and equipping people for work in the City.

11. Equipping people for the ministry.

12. Interacts and interfaces with other YWAM matrix leaders and ministries for reaching the City.

13. Transnational matrix leaders, their offices, and their staff residing in the City do not come under the City Coordinator or the City

Council structure.

14. City Coordinators scope of authority with other transnational ministry teams in the city is negotiated with the other transnational directors and authority is given to the City Coordinator by empowerment from that particular transnational matrix. This authority cannot be assumed by the City Coordinator but is given only after negotiations.

15. The City Coordinator is appointed by the Urban Matrix and the appropriate Geographical leadership.

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