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Rio Branco, Brazil


Population  308,545



Rio Branco was one of the first settlements to appear on the banks of the Acre River. In 1913 it became a county. In 1920 it became the capital of the territory of Acre, and in 1962, the state capital. It is the administrative center for the economic and cultural region.

YWAM Rio Branco Brazil

photo by Roneylima25, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, Wikimedia Commons


Rio Branco is the biggest city and the capital of the Brazilian state of Acre. Rio Branco has a strategic location, about 2 hours from Manaus by air and has borders with Peru and is the only Brazilian city (State) close to the important Peruvian touristic centers of Cuzco, Pucallpa and Puerto Maldonado. Acre has a territory covered mostly by jungle of the Amazon Rainforest. The state is a well-known producer and exporter of rubber.

source Wikipedia

Prayer Points

Pray for this strategic city to influence the nation and the surrounding nations for God.

Pray for people to come to faith in Jesus Christ.

Pray for God’s heart and dreams to be fulfilled in Rio Branco.


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