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Resident Population:  28,224 (2013)

Annual tourist population:  2 million



Queenstown, New Zealand


The Maori people, the indigenous Polynesian settlers, arrived in Zealand during the 13th century and developed their unique, rich culture. The first European settlers arrived in Queenstown in the early 1860s to farm, but the discovery of Gold in the Arrow River meant many people rushed to the area and the town began to form. Queenstown is named after Queen Victoria.






Queenstown is also known as the Adventure Capital of New Zealand! Nestled on the shores of lake Wakatipu and surrounded by majestic mountains, the resort town boasts over 220 adventure activities (Travel NZ, 2012) - including bungy-jumping, mountain biking, sky-diving, skateboarding and fishing. Queenstown is a major centre for snowsports, with people travelling from all over the world to ski and snowboard at the four ski resorts. The stunning scenery has been used as a backdrop for many movies, including the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Because of Queenstown's year-round popularity, it attracts people from all over the world, meaning that Queenstown has one of the most ethnically diverse populations in New Zealand - over a quarter of the population were born overseas (Statistics NZ, 2006). The adventure and party lifestyle, also attracts younger people - the percentage of population between 18-30 higher than the rest of New Zealand.


Information source: YWAM Queenstown (Statistics from Statistics New Zealand)


Prayer Points
Pray for YWAM Queenstown as it pioneers a new base to reach this town

Pray for creative and effective ways for YWAM Queenstown to share God's love with the residents and visitors.

Pray for the many backpackers that come to visit and party in Queenstown. Many are searching to 'find themselves' - pray they would find Jesus.

Pray that God would use YWAM Queenstown as a bridge to reach the nations

Pray for unity in the church body in Queenstown

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