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Potchefstroom, South Africa

Population  118,070




The town, founded in 1838 by the Voortrekkers, is the second oldest settlement of people of European descent in the then Transvaal. At the opening of the City hall in 1909, General Jan Smuts, the then Colonial Secretary was asked about the possibility of Potchefstroom becoming the capital of the Union. He replied that the city stood no chance, but said that it should aim at being South Africa's biggest educational centre. This has led to the strong educational inclination of this, the 'city of expertise'. Since 1997 the town has hosted to the annual Aardklop Arts Festival, a (mostly) Afrikaans arts festival held in late September each year. source Wikipedia



Potschefstroom Town Hall

Potchefstroom is home to, inter alia, five tertiary institutions and 30 schools, as well as numerous research bureaus and training centres. Potchefstroom is known as the North-West Province's "Home of Sport". The provincial headquarters of 17 of the most important sports are situated in the city. The City Council places a high priority on the establishment, maintenance and upgrading of the sport facilities under its control, especially to meet the variety of sporting and recreational needs of its youthful community.



source Wikipedia

Prayer Points

- Pray for the high rate of HIV Aids amongst Tswana people.

- Pray against the corruption amongst political leaders.

- Pray for the 2000 child-headed families. 

- Pray for our University DTS. 

- Pray for many students to become missionaries from the University.


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