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Porto Alegre, Brazil


Population  4,200,000 (UA)


Porto Alegre was founded in 1742 by immigrants from the Azores, Portugal. In the late 19th century the city received many immigrants from other parts of the world, particularly Germany, Italy, and Poland. The vast majority of the population is of European descent.

YWAM Porto Alegre

Photo by setemaria on Unsplash


Porto Alegre has a long coastline on the Guaíba Lake, and its topography is punctuated by 40 hills. In the lake, a vast body of water, a maze of islands facing the city creates an archipelago where a unique ecosystem gives shelter to abundant wildlife. The city area concentrates 28% of the native flora of Rio Grande do Sul, with 9,288 species.  Porto Alegre hosted the World Social Forum, an initiative of several non-government organizations. The 9th Assembly of the World Council of Churches was held in Porto Alegre in 2006.

source Wikipedia

Prayer Points

Pray for more short-term teams to come and serve the city.

Pray for youth to be impacted by the gospel message.

Pray for the church in Porto Alegre to have unity in order to see city transformation.


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