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Ponta Grossa, Brazil


Population  304,733



Ponta Grossa was founded in 1822, being created in 1823 the “Star Town”, its first denomination. On April 1855, the town became a city, being separated from Castro and named Ponta Grossa.


YWAM Ponta Grossa Brazil

Photo by Gabriel K. Nascimento, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, Wikimedia


Ponta Grossa is the second industrial pole of the State, exceeded only by Curitiba—the State's capital and largest city.  Ponta Grossa is also home town of the "Parque Estadual da Vila Velha" (State Park of Old Town), a park made up of rocky formations formed over millions of years. Each rock formation has its own name, depending on which object/animal they look like. Another attraction of the city is the Münchenfest – A National Stout Festival with national and international concerts that lasts a whole week and occurs at late November and the beginning of December.

source Wikipedia

Prayer Points

Pray for YWAM Ponta Grossa to be a place that enables individuals to develop their gifts and ministries.

Pray for the increase of programs focusing on social development and health assistance.

Pray for more staff.


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