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Petaling Jaya, Malaysia


Population  638,516. (2010)



The city was developed during British Malaya on a piece of 1,200 acres (486 ha) rubber estate (the Effingham Estate) around Old Klang Road to address the overpopulation of the capital Kuala Lumpur in the 1950s.[1]Since 1952, PJ witnessed a dramatic growth in terms of population size and geographical importance.

Petaling Jaya


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Petaling Jaya is divided into several sections. Some are subdivided into smaller neighbourhoods (kejiranan), for example SS5D. Some sections have their own names (SS1 as Kampung Tunku), while other sections are grouped together (SS3, SS4, SS5, SS6 and SS7 as part of Kelana Jaya). Besides that, Petaling Jaya also comprises the affluent township of Damansara.



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Prayer Points

Pray for the unity of all churches from different denominations to bring change and transformation to all spheres of society

Pray for the restedness of spirit, mind and soul for Christians workers living and serving in this city

Pray for strengthening of belief system of believers to stand up and hold on to biblical truth. 

Pray for more believers to step out and into different spheres of society


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