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Population  61,000



Medicine Hat, Canada



A number of factors have always made Medicine Hat a natural gathering place. Prior to the arrival of Europeans the Blackfoot, Cree and Assiniboine nations used the area for hundreds of years. The gently sloping valley with its converging water ways and hardy native cottonwood trees attracted both man and the migratory bison herds which passed through the area.





Medicine Hat

In 1883, when the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) reached Medicine Hat and crossed the river, a town site was established using the name from the Indian legends. As the west developed, Medicine Hat became instrumental with the development of the first hospital past Winnipeg in 1889 and as a CPR divisional point. It was incorporated as a town in 1898, and as a city in 1906. Medicine Hat is halfway between Winnipeg and Vancouver.


Rich in natural resources including natural gas, coal, clay, and farmland, the town was known in the early days as "the Pittsburgh of the West". A number of large industries located here, under the inducement of cheap and plentiful energy resources.  The agricultural potential of the surrounding area also made the town a viable service centre with a well established transportation route.


An economic boom occured from 1909–1914 bringing the population to over 10,000. The town hosted one of the largest Second World War P.O.W. camps in Canada. It was not until the 1950s that the town again experienced significant commercial development. Today, Medicine Hat prides itself as one of the most economical places to live in Canada, with its unique city-owned gas utility and power generation plant being predominant factors. Major industries have included chemical plants, a Goodyear tire and rubber plant, greenhouses, numerous oil and gas related companies, a foundry, and I-XL Industries (a brickworks dating from the 1880s).


Medicine Hat is in southeast AlbertaCanada. It is approximately295 km (183 mi) southeast of CalgaryIt is situated on the Trans-Canada Highway, the eastern terminus of the Crowsnest Highway, and the South Saskatchewan RiverHistorically, Medicine Hat has been known for its large natural gas fields, being immortalised by Rudyard Kipling as having "all hell for a basement".  Because of these reserves, the city is known as The Gas City. It is Alberta's sixth largest city. In October 2008, Medicine Hat was named one of Alberta's Top Employers by Mediacorp Canada Inc., which was announced by the Calgary Herald and the Edmonton Journal.

​Source: Wikipedia


Prayer Points

Pray for wisdom/strategy for the Body of Christ to reach the lost in our city

Pray for increased unity across the Church (between denominations, pastors, congregations, etc.)

Pray for the economy as our largest sector (oil and gas) has taken a tremendous hit the last few years and many have lost job, homes, and HOPE. We need kingdom strategy and finances to flow!


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