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Manaus, Brazil


Population  1,960,000 (UA)


The city was founded in 1669 as the Fort of São José do Rio Negro. It was elevated to a town in 1832 with the name of "Manaus", which means "mother of the gods" in tribute to the indigenous nation of Manaós, and legally transformed into a city on October 24 of 1848.

YWAM Manaus Brazil

Photo by Tadeu Jnr on Unsplash


Manaus was known at the beginning of the century, as Heart of the Amazon and City of the Forest. Currently its main economic engine is the Industrial Pool of Manaus. The city gradually increased its participation in the GDP of Brazil in recent decades, rising to account for 1.4% of the economy of the country in 2010, with all that economic power coming mainly from the Free Economic Zone located in the city. Currently, the city is one of 12 most influential cities of the country. Manaus alone represents 10.89% of the population of the whole of Northern Brazil and 49.9% of the population of the Amazon.

source Wikipedia

Prayer Points

Pray for young people to be released into missions in this city.

Pray for more short-term teams from all over the world to come and do outreach in this city.

Pray for financial provision for the base and staff.


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