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Lisbon, Portugal


Population: 548,703

3,000,000  (UA) 


The capital city of Portugal, revolves around its strategic geographical position at the mouth of the Tagus, the longest river in the Iberian Peninsula. Its spacious and sheltered natural harbour made the city historically an important seaport for trade between the Mediterranean Sea and northern Europe. Lisbon has long enjoyed the commercial advantages of its proximity to southern and extreme western Europe.

Source Wikipedia


Lisbon, Lisboa  is the capital and largest city of Portugal, being the 11th-most populous urban area in the European Union. About 3 million people live in the Lisbon metropolitan area, making it the third largest metropolitan area in the Iberian Peninsula, after Madrid and Barcelona. It represents approximately 27% of the country's population.

Lisbon is recognised as an alpha-level global city because of its importance in finance, commerce, fashion, media, entertainment, arts, international trade, education and tourism.

Source Wikipedia


Prayer Points

Establishment of a pioneering team with a permanent ministry in the city.

Establishment of training programs in evangelism, discipleship and collaboration with local churches and organizations.

Promotion of new local ministries dedicated to Arts & Compassion in the urban context.

Promotion of new spaces for serving the local community.


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