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Leeds, England


Population  2,250,000 (UA)


Historically in the West Riding of Yorkshire, its recorded history can be traced to the 5th century when the Kingdom of Elmet was covered by the forest of "Loidis", the origin of the name Leeds. It changed from being the appellation of a small manorial borough, in the 13th century, through several incarnations, to being the name attached to the present metropolitan borough.



​Leeds is the UK's largest centre for business, legal, and financial services outside London, and its office market is the best in Europe for value. Leeds is considered a Gamma World City, alongside cities such as Phoenix, St. Petersburg and Valencia under the 1998 GaWC study. Public transport, rail and road communications networks in the region are focused on Leeds and there are a number of twinning arrangements with towns and cities in other countries. Its assigned role in the Leeds City Region partnership recognizes the city's importance to regional economic development.

source Wikipedia

Prayer Points

Pray for good partnerships with local churches.

Pray for the staff team to grow.

Pray for more students to apply for the DTS.

Pray for continued opportunities to engage with the local neighborhood.


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