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Karachi, Pakistan


Population  9,339,023 (UA) 23.5 million citywide. 



Karachi also known as City of Lights, is the Capital of Sindh.

Karachi was reputedly founded as "Kolachi" by Baloch tribes from Balochistan and Makran. The name Karachi occurs for the first time in a Dutch document of 1742, when a merchant ship de Ridderkerkshipwrecked nearby its coast.  source Wikipedia



By King Eliot - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Karachi is the largest and most populous metropolitan city ofPakistan and its main seaport and financial centre, as well as the capital of Sindh province. The city has an estimated population of 23.5 million people as of April 2013. Karachi is the 3rd-largest city in the world by population within city limits and the 11th-largest urban agglomeration.  It is Pakistan's centre of banking, industry, economic activity and trade and is home to Pakistan's largest corporations, including those involved in textiles, shipping, automotive industry, entertainment, the arts, fashion, advertising, publishing, software development andmedical research. The city is a hub of higher education in South Asia and the Muslim world.


source Wikipedia


Prayer Points

Pray for peace in the city, the law and order situation has been deteriorating.

Pray for the unemployed, that God will raise up successful businesses that run on righteous principles.

Pray for the Christian minority, that they will see God work in their lives and circumstances.

Pray for godly leaders in every area of life.

Pray for women, especially widows.

Pray for finances for the education of young ladies that they become tomorrow's leaders.

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