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Fort McMurray, Canada



Formerly a city, it became an urban service area when it amalgamated with Improvement District No. 143 on April 1, 1995 to create the Municipality of Wood Buffalo (renamed the R.M. of Wood Buffalo on August 14, 1996).[5]Despite its current official designation of urban service area, many locals, politicians and the media still refer to Fort McMurray as a city. source Wikipedia

Population 61,374

Fort McMurray


By Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo - Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (user:Tallgirl), CC BY 2.5,

Fort McMurray is a multicultural community, attracting people from all corners of Canada and the world. Albertans make up almost half the number of migrants to Fort McMurray, followed by 17% of people originating from the province ofNewfoundland and Labrador. A report in 1986 noted that 13.8% of Fort McMurray's population was from Newfoundland. Over the last three decades, Fort McMurray’s population has grown from about 28,000 to close to 80,000 today – a diverse group that represents about 130 different cultures. This number is expected to soar to almost 200,000 by 2030. Fort Mac, who’s population is expected to grow by 400%, will soon be the third largest community in Alberta, served by an expanded highway that is 10 lanes at its widest point.


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