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Crato, Brazil


Population  110,000


It was founded 21 June 1764 by the Capuchin friar Carlos Maria de Ferrara. Originally a small village whose population was principally native Kariris, it gained official status as a city 17 October 1817.Crato was named in honor of Crato, a Portuguese town founded in the a 13th century.


YWAM Crato Brazil

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The economy is a mix of commerce and agriculture; as of 2004, a small industrial park is expanding. The region is rich in minerals, especially gypsum and marble. Crato is the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Crato. It has a full range of schools, up to and including a university. The outskirts of the city are rich in tropical vegetation; the climate is generally good, with somewhat more rain than is typical of the region.

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Prayer Points

Pray for those that are being ministered to that they may know the Lord and His love.

Pray for more unity in the body of Christ.

Pray for more staff to join YWAM in the vision that God has given them for the city.


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