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Belfast, Northern Ireland


Population  1,290,000 (UA)


Belfast went from being a small, ancient village on a pilgrim road at the River Lagan ford to a large, influential, industrial city. During its heyday, Belfast was a world leader in linen production, tobacco works, rope making, tea processing and shipbuilding which produced such famous vessels as the RMS Titanic.  The city has also had a profound impact on education and political thought on the island and beyond. With the partition of Ireland in 1920, Belfast was made the capital of the newly created Northern Ireland, which remained part of the United Kingdom. Though Belfast has suffered through periods of sectarian turmoil and violence, its people and their quality continue to influence science, industry, sport, politics, culture and entertainment across the world.

By William Murphy - Flickr: Royal Avenue Belfast, CC BY-SA 2.0,


Belfast is the largest city in Northern Ireland as well as its capital. Since the Good Friday Peace Agreement of 1998, the city has been in the process of economic and social regeneration resulting in redevelopment, a thriving film industry and new migration to the area. Belfast is a culturally rich city full of innovation and creativity that stretches from the ancient lore of giants to the cutting edge of modern music, art, philosophy, poetry, television and film.

Prayer Points

Pray for partnerships with churches and organizations in the city

Pray for reconciliation between different groups in the nation

Pray for people to encounter Jesus in new way


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