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Belo Horizonte, Brazil


Population  5,900,000 (UA)


The metropolis was once a small village, founded by Joao Leite da Silva Ortiz, a prospector from Sao Paulo. Having found a location with a pleasant weather, a nice landscape and good soil for farming, the explorer settled in the region in 1701.

Belo Horizonte

Photo by fpcamp on Unsplash


The city features a mixture of contemporary and classical buildings, and is home to several modern Brazilian architectural icons, most notably the Pampulha Complex. In planning the city, Aarão Reis and Francisco Bicalho sought inspiration in the urban planning of Washington, D.C. The city has employed notable programs in urban revitalization and food security, for which it has been awarded international accolades. The city is built on several hills and is completely surrounded by mountains. There are several large parks in the immediate surroundings of Belo Horizonte.

source Wikipedia

Prayer Points

Pray for more qualified and well trained missionaries to come and plant Churches and take leadership in the city.

Pray for the many rescue ministries, more qualified workers and greater discipleship of the those who come to know the Lord.

Pray for greater networking among Churches and mission organizations.


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