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Alumencar, Spain


Population  27,000



Almuñécar began as a Phoenician colony named Sexi, and even today, some of its inhabitants still call themselves Sexitanos. Under the Moors, Almuñécar blossomed as the fishing town of al-Munakkab (المُنَكَّب) or Ḥiṣn-al-Munakkab (حصن المنكب). Source Wikipedia. 



By NoelWalley at the English language Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0,


Since 1975, the town has become one of the most important tourist towns in Granada province and on the Costa Tropical; it has good transport connections and a football (soccer) stadium.  Source Wikipedia. 

Prayer Points

Pray for God to grow the base’s staff with people (especially additional Spanish-speakers) who have a heart for God, for serving our city, and for pioneering new ministries.

Pray for God to provide the perfect building for local and international outreach, as well as nearby housing for staff. 

Pray for administrators, evangelists and other skills needed and people who are willing to commit long-term. 

Pray for many to encounter Jesus and for unity among the churches in the city. 

Pray for people of peace in the city that will stand with us and that the community will receive us enthusiastically.


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