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Akron, USA


Population 199,110


Akron was co-founded in 1825 when suggested by Paul Williams to Simon Perkins. In 1833, "South" was temporarily added to the name when Eliakim Crosby settled a bordering North Akron.  After Summit County formed from portions of Portage, Medina, and Stark counties in 1840, Akron succeeded Cuyahoga Falls as county seat a year later.


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Home to employers such as Summa, GOJO Industries, FirstMerit Bank, and FirstEnergy, Akron is listed by Newsweek as one of ten Information Age high tech havens. Awarded by the National Civic League and National Arbor Day Foundation, it was named one of the world's most livable cities. Residents of Akron are referred to as "Akronites". Nicknames include "Rubber City", "City of Invention", and the more historical "Rubber Capital of the World".

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Prayer Points

Pray for all spheres of society to be transformed in the city of Akron.
Pray for a partnership between the base and the church in the city.
Pray for all cultures, ethnic groups and ages to be reached with the gospel.


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