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Sacramento, USA


Population 1,730,000 (UA)


The history of Sacramento, California, began with its founding by Samuel Brannan and John Augustus Sutter, Jr. in 1848 around an embarcadero that his father, John Sutter, Sr. constructed at the confluence of the American and Sacramento Rivers a few years prior. Before the arrival of Europeans, the Nisenan branch of the Native American Maidu inhabited the Sacramento Valley area.


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In spite of military base closures and the decline of agricultural food processing, Sacramento has continued to experience population growth in recent years. Primary sources of population growth are an influx of residents from the nearby San Francisco Bay Area, as well as immigration from Asia and Latin America.  In 2002, Time magazine featured an article recognizing Sacramento as the most diverse and integrated city in America. In 2012, Sacramento started the marketing campaign as "America's Farm-to-Fork Capital" due to Sacramento's many restaurants that source their food locally from the numerous surrounding farms.

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Prayer Points

Pray for the pioneering of the work in Sacramento.
Pray for the ability of the base to reach, disciple and train the next generation for missions.
Pray for revival in the church and the city of Sacramento.


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