Blackfalds, Canada



​Settlers trickled into the area in the 1890s, but by the early 1900s, a large influx of people poured in from  eastern Canada, Europe, the UK and the US, assisted by the railroad going through the village in  1891.

Population 6,300


With a 46.7% growth rate, or 1,455 new residents since 2001, it was one of the fastest growing communities in central Alberta between 2001 and 2006. Blackfalds had one of the best town sites on the railroad line. It is also on the C&E trail, which went right through the middle of town, now Broadway Avenue. By 1946, the construction of Highway 2A was underway. Highway 2A now runs through the middle of the town and Alberta’s busiest highway, the QE2, runs on the west side of town.

source Wikipedia

Prayer Points

​Pray for continued relationship building within the community through the coffee house ministry.

Pray for funds in order to do the various projects within the local community and Asia.

Pray for those that receive ministry to grow in the Lord and good soil for seeds to be planted.